light microscope lab report

Topics: Microscope, Microscopy, Telescope Pages: 4 (915 words) Published: September 24, 2013

Exercise 1: Microscopy
Nour Bairekdar
Prof. Mary Flannery
September 9, 2013

Learning parts and proper use of microscope, and the interception of images viewed through a light microscope

A compound light microscope uses two sets of lenses, ocular and objective, and employs light as its source of illumination. Through careful observation, we identified the various parts of a light microscope we found that the light microscope Ocular lenses which give 10x magnification power, and objective lenses which consist of three objectives: scanning, low power, and high power objectives. Then we observed under different magnification powers a certain number of specimens such as, Letter “e”, threads, and Hay infusion. The results were observed and recorded for the different specimens and it came out to be the higher the magnification the lesser the microscopic field. Introduction:

One of the most important instruments in anatomy and physiology is the compound light microscope. The general principle of the microscopy is that the shorter the wavelength of light used in the instrument, the greater the resolution. In the light microscopy, the lenses are arranged so that the images of objects too small to be seen with the naked eye can become highly magnified, so the apparent size can be increased, and their minute detail can be revealed. In this lab we observed the parts of the light microscopy, we identified each part and learned its functions , we also examined a few specimens under different magnifications using different objective lenses, for each specimen we started using the scanning objective then the low-power objective ending with the high-power objective in order to get higher magnification. We viewed the samples and made drawings of them Method:

We carefully carried the microscope from the cabinet to the desk by placing one hand around the arm and the other firmly under the base. Then using the coarse adjustment knob...
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