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MBK Lab 01 – Lab Report Name: ____________________
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TITLE: Observing Bacteria and Blood

OBJECTIVE: To gain functional knowledge of microscope operations through practical applications of a microscope in the observation of bacteria and blood.

PROCEDURES: Using the microscope, an oil immersion lens and observing Bacteria Cultures in Yogurt . Preparing a Blood Slide and observing Blood:

After reviewing the section of the manual as instructed I cleaned the ocular lenses and prepared the slides. I made required adjustments to the microscope and ocular distances for view during experiment. I practiced using six prepared slides that were in the kit to ensure I was viewing the slides accordingly. I placed a drop of oil onto the slide and rotated it until bringing it to fine focus on the microscope. I then observed the same slides in part 1 but I added the oil immersion to view the differences. The difference was in the magnification and the ability to see more of the substances in finer view. I then made my own sample of yogurt, I left it undisturbed for 24 hours and observed it under the microscope. The sample was not was the right consistency. I viewed the specimen under the microscope. I pricked my finger with the sterilized pin and placed my blood on a slide with a slip cover. I observed the specimen under the microscope. I placed the prepared slide with my blood on the microscope stage, and brought it into focus on low power. I saw a lot of tiny particles that appeared to be blood cells through the microscope.

Compare your observations from the fresh yogurt slide and the prepared yogurt slide. Are there differences? Why or why not? The fresh yogurt appeared to have less growth than the prepared slide of yogurt. This is because the prepared yogurt was no longer gestating and showed an increase in bacterial numbers. Were you able to identify specific bacterial morphologies? Which types? Could not be absolutely certain about any of the identities but to the best of my knowledge about yogurt and using an educated guess, Lactobacillus and Streptococcus were present.

Describe the cells you were able to see in the blood smear. Are they different than the bacterial cells you have observed? Why or why not? I saw mostly red blood cells and white blood cells which were the most abundant within the sample. The red blood cells appeared a reddish purplish color with an oblong and symmetrical appearance and the white blood cells had a light blue appearance. There individual structures showed much variation from the bacteria and the group formations were different.

4. What is the purpose of immersion oil? Why does it work? The purpose is to increase the microscope’s resolution by submerging the objective lens and the sample in the oil with a high refractory index, this increases the actual applicable value of the numerical apperture.


I have used and understand the value of the oil immersion lens. I was able to observe slides both with and without the lens to compare the differences. The oils immersion lens allows you to see what you might not have been able to see without it.

MBK Lab 02 – Lab Report Name: ____________________

Section: ___________________


TITLE: Bacterial Morphology

OBJECTIVES: To learn and employ bleach sterilizing techniques, observe bacterial morphologies using different preparation techniques, and learn and employ direct and indirect staining techniques

PROCEDURES: Viewing Prepared Slides of Common Bacterial Shapes, Disinfecting Your Area to Use Live Organisms, Viewing Live Organisms – Wet Mount Preparation, Direct Staining, Indirect Staining, Generating Microbial Cultures

I set up the microscope and viewed the prepared slides of...
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