Lifeguarding: Swimming Pool and Associates Professional Lifeguard

Topics: Swimming pool, Lifeguard, First aid Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Cortny Handorf
Professor Richey
English 1301
December 4, 2012
Life Savers
Growing up, the job title “lifeguarding” said it all to me. Swimming pools and aquatic attractions were always the most fun places to go with the family. I always looked up to lifeguards as if they were some sort of a hero. They made me feel secure and safe although I've always been an excellent swimmer. It seemed as if they had the ideal job, so when I got older I took the first opportunity to become my own hero. I started out being just a lifeguard and then soon advanced quickly to a lifeguard instructor. I even was promoted to becoming the facilities Aquatics Director. Through this journey, I had the chance to experience how rewarding being a lifeguard truly is and was able to be many of others hero. There are several specific techniques on how to be an Ellis and Associates professional lifeguard. The first step in how to be an Ellis and Associates professional lifeguard is to pass all the prerequisites. This includes being able to swim 200 yards and to tread water for two minutes. After passing those, people must take the international lifeguard training course through Ellis (ILTP). This program prepares them for what it takes to be professional. This course also teaches how to anticipate, recognize and manage aquatic emergencies. It is a requirement that Ellis lifeguards be accountable and responsible. After all, they are the crucial, front line components of water safety at an aquatic facility. Being prepared, pleasant, vigilant, knowledgeable, and always in proper uniform reflect upon the professional image of a lifeguard. When a lifeguard looks and acts professional the facility will reflect upon their actions, and the guest will respond to their request more efficiently. Lifeguards should also speak with authority to insure rule enforcement. The second step in how to be an Ellis and Associates lifeguard is to learn the variety of rescues. Each lifeguard is...
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