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Rewarding Job

Help! Those are the words a lifeguard is always alert for. The purpose of lifeguarding is to save lives around water. There always on the lookout for troubled swimmers in the water. Lifeguards have to go through a specific amount of training to become a lifeguard. They have to make sure they know exactly what to do if an emergency happens in the water. Lifeguards must make sure there always in the best shape so they can react properly if an incident had to happen. I remember my instructor telling me if you’re still dry by the end of your shift you did a great job.

There are many purposes of a lifeguard’s job. The main job is to make sure all swimmers are safe in the water and if a situation does happened a lifeguard can save the person. By preventing drowning’s in the water, lifeguards must make sure that everyone in the pool knows how to swim a full lap without struggling. To make sure everyone stays safe lifeguards have to remember to make sure to enforce all the rules around the pool deck. For example, some rules they use quite often are, no running because if a kid slips on the cement they might scratch up their knee. Another example of a rule is, no holding breath games underwater because if one person really wants to win they will hold their breath for a really long time and might pass out. Finally no horse play on the deck or in the water, lifeguards don’t want people messing around because they might be just kidding but they will be splashing someone and they will keep getting water in their mouth and can’t tell the person to stop and they might get too much water in their lungs and drown. To make sure the lifeguard can see everyone in the pool he or she has to make sure...
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