Life Is Just a Dream

Topics: Physics, Atom, Universe Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: September 2, 2010
Which way are we headed…Life is just a dream

With the progress of technology humanity is headed towards two different directions. On one hand there is absolute annihilation. We all realize there exist WMD's that can wipe the entire human race many times over. On the other hand immortality seems to be just round the corner. It might not be possible to immortalize human body per se. Creating a media to take a back up of human soul is surely not a distant dream.

Human consciousness is undoubtedly a pack of energy (POE) made to witness an eight dimensional dream. The brain is a media which stores this energy. The eight dimensions with respect to this energy level comprise the three physical dimensions, the dimension of a forward moving time, the ability to hear, smell, taste and feel {Touch(Hot/Cold) and to feel itself}. When one experiences a dreamless sleep is the time POE enters the true state of its existence. It stops to see any dream and simply ceases to be. This implies the sum of total energy level of the POE must be a zero as one does not feel anything in that state of mind. The POE is actually nothing. The whole thing is just a dream. At the macrocosmic level as well Stephen W. Hawking explains in his book “A Brief history Of Time” as to how the universe formed from a big bang out of nothing but only because of an imbalance of an infinite mass with no volume. He tries to explain as to how eventually there will only be microwave radiation as everything heads towards nothing. E=MC2; sum of all the energy in this universe=0, therefore sum all the mass should be zero as well. He further explains as to how for every matter there is anti matter and when matter meets anti matter microwave radiation is emitted. In other words the universe is heading towards a situation wherein eventually there would be only microwave radiation. The entire universe is moving in the direction of a puzzle trying to solve itself.

At a microcosmic level i.e. the level of...
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