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Life is better for us than our forefathers

By srividhyaranganathan Oct 02, 2013 716 Words

This world is moving toward more development since its inception. Long days before people were living in caves and eating raw foods. When stone era moved forward then wooden homes cam and cooked food. Wooden era passed and semi developed era came; people became educated and followed many philosophies.After many years of philosophical era, a developed era came and people reached the moon. Now we are in well developed era and moving towards exploration of new worlds. Technology, science, religion, economics, entertainment, social empowerment and many more helps us to make our life considerably better than our fore fathers.

Our developed world is the major fruit of technological development.People can communicate,watch,write,read,learn,play and search instantly on the internat.All the information of the world is present in the internate,which is a limitless,distanceless,most fastest and most developed symbol of technology till now.

In view of Communication, Letter took half a month to reach second corner of the same country. Patience of the receiver was inexpressible experience while waiting for the letter.Having access to telephone, fax, telegram, wireless, satelite and mobile made that painful wait,a pleasurable feeling to get message on time and without wait.

Further, Divine religions gave the real definition of human and informed human about the secrets of universe that made fore fathers religious. Subsequently Scientific revolution shaded the clear picture of religion; he started believing on science and looses the focus on religion. Now we have balance of science and religion.Religion become the focal point of all school,first because scientist themselves proving the scientific theories wrong second ,science becomes the way to reveal the secrets of nature already told by the GOD.

Religion was other sideline used by our fore fathers. Now a days people consider religion a code of peaceful life not a code of bloodshed.

Economically, fore fathers were hostages of limited opportunities. A large number of mans were compel to do the agriculture, some of them were trader and some are military man. Seasonal unemployment to formers, long and dangerous journeys to traders, frequent wars to military man were the hard part of their professions. Today, machines & airplanes removed all previous hard hurdles faced by fore fathers. Free market economy also opened up the doors of merit for all to do the job of one's own taste and talent.

In past,a person used to defraud his clients and economically injured the society of our fore fathers. Today banking replaces that corruption by a fear and save facilities for the customers. Banking, another world of employment and fantastic financial services for everyman not only made life easy but also a place to earn profit conventionally.

Now I.M.f, World bank, interstate lending and funding made dethroning of any state a story of past. Any state can get credit from any national or international institutes in hard times. Multinational investors are investing in the all corners of the globe making it more better place to live.

Today, man stepped the moon and elaborated all its characteristics. Space is explored by man; spacestations were built , artificial satellites were revolved in various orbits of earth to assist the work of Aman.

Previously, life was confined to the visible movement of animals and plants were considered lifeless. Now bio science, mind science, social sciences changes the man's approach. Thousands and thousands undiscovered species have been discovered by today's man. Surgeries & medicines touched their new horizons, in terms of heart transplantation, hair transplantation face surgery, cancer fighting drugs and many more.

Today anyone can study other cultures, languages and can virtually meet them whenever he wants. Face book, twitter, yahoo, Msn and many more are the vehicles to drive at all social paths.

Fore fathers entertained by festivals once or twice a year. Today, entertainment beyond time bards, we can attend annual festivals as annual games, semi-annual as on Eids, monthly as on picnic, weekly as on outdoor dinner, daily as on dramas, hourly as on news and instantly as on internet.

We brighten our world by throwing light of technology, religious broad studies, scientific miracles, social freedom and economically well beings. Modern innovations initiate men to live more comfortable life.

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