We Arew Happier Than Our Fore Fathers

Topics: Happiness Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: September 10, 2013
We Are Happier Than Our Forefathers
The definition of happiness varies from one to another; we cannot be so sure about which one is correct. However, in this article, happiness is the physical and spiritual condition we have nowadays that makes us happier than our forefathers.

1. We live longer
Thanks to the development of medicine, we can cure many diseases which used to be considered hopeless such as anthrax, chickenpox, leprosy and so on. Even HIV/AIDS is not a hopeless one anymore now. In addition, the knowledge of bacteria and virus makes us be aware of hygiene. We focus on our health more by eating healthy food and doing exercise regularly. More hospitals with well-trained doctors, nurses and modern equipment have been built; we also have some medical policies for the poor, the old and children. With the good health care, people have a longer life to live happily with their family and friends.

2. We do not work as hard as our forefathers in some jobs
Thanks to the development of technology, the help of machines reduces human’s labor; we do not have to “work like a dog” in some jobs like before. Machines can lift heavy things, computers can calculate complicating calculations and formulas, robots can replace humans to work in dangerous environment and do a difficult mission like exploring universe. We are now happier than forefathers at work.

3. We have more chance to approach formal education
Government pays much attention to education. We have to go to school compulsorily (usually from 6 to 16 years old), which helps us enrich knowledge, at least have basic literacy skills. There are many policies to encourage children to study. Schools from kindergarten to university have been built with libraries, laboratories, etc… we now have more chance to broaden our knowledge formally.

4. We have more food
We have more food now thanks to the development of agriculture. We invented many new kinds of plants and cattle which produce more high quality...
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