Life in the Information Age

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Life in the information age

In this section I will be discussing how the information age is affecting our lives in many ways. I will examine the following 5 examples to show its impact on our social, personal, and professional lives. From a lot of research I’ll put together all the knowledge I have learnt about the information age and give you a good outlook on how technology has enhanced the way we live our lives today. I will take in to account the advantages and disadvantages of this technological advancement.

The five areas I’ll be looking into are:

- Communication

- Education

- Crime and crime prevention

- Banking and shopping

- Working styles


The way we communicate has changed drastically over our lifetime, as technology has improved sufficiently over the years. Firstly, when the telephone was introduced, this allowed people to communicate over long-distances easily. This became a huge change in our lives, as the only communication we knew of was face-to-face interaction. Another change that was brought upon us was when the Internet was invented. We can now use communication services that are a lot faster and easier to understand, for example email, social networking sites, Skype etc.

Many years ago most communication would be face-to-face or paper based. Or if in a company you’d have to produce a memo, which would take up a lot of time and effort. This is why email has become globalised, as businesses, and people in general have found it to be so useful. It’s a way of interacting with others over the web instantly without it costing any money. Email is very straightforward and easy to understand. It also has a function that lets you attach files, pictures and videos to the email so that you can transfer files with whomever you want too. It also enables you to manage all your contacts at ease and secure all mail history, so that all your files are easy to find. It is a means of communication that allows you to send information to anyone around the world instantly. All of this can be done at no cost once you have the equipment. Not only does it allow you to just talk to one person, you can also talk to a group of people. All of these advantages have contributed to why emailing is so successful.

Although there are many benefits to email, it also comes with disadvantages. Emails can contain viruses, and if opened can put your computer system at risk. The security and protection of emailing is very low, as once you’ve sent private information to one persons account it’s then your responsibility if someone else accesses this information that you may not have wanted to. Also emails are very easy to misinterpret, so people could get the wrong idea of what you’re really trying to say. These factors could be the cause of putting some people off using the service.

Another way of communicating over the web can be over social networking sites, such as Facebook, which is extremely popular. It allows you to connect with friends and interact with new people.

Although there are many plus sides to using Facebook, there are also disadvantages which are people can see your private information, that’s why you should be careful on what you put on there. You also may not know whom you’re really speaking to as someone could pretend to be someone their not.

To the left shows an image taken from It tells us that all together 177.2 billion people are signed up with a social networking site, this figure increasing dramatically each day. This proves that the way we communicate has affected the way we live immensely, as more and more people are spending hours communicating online, rather than in person.

Personal: Communication has now changed the way we conduct our personal lives. Instead of going to a friend or relative’s house, we’ll use social networking sites to converse....
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