Life in Prison

Topics: Prison, Penology, Criminal justice Pages: 6 (1772 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Life in Prison

Talonya D Brewer


Richard Gilbert

University of Phoenix

September 21, 2010


When an individual is introduced to the prison life, after violating rules and regulations, he or she must come to terms about the journey he or she are about to take behind bars in prison. No one can save them, or do his or her time for them, and majority of his or her freedom has been stripped from them either permanently or temporarily. Prison life deals with all walks of life and is not discriminative toward any race. In this paper I will discuss my perspective on prison life, policies I would enforce an inmate’s need for respect, changes on correctional policy, and why people commit crimes.

Has your understanding of prison life changed

On my perspective on prison life, change is possible for anyone that includes individuals behind bars. Moreover, if the individuals behind bars changes for the better, they can become good and productive citizens. This by the way requires sacrifice from the inmate along with help from concerned agencies. Prison life is also about survival. Not only survival from inmates, but from a few corrupted correctional officials as well. When entering prison, one must be perceived as a tough individual to avoid being ridiculed by other inmates. In addition to other inmates, there are some correctional officers that bully and abuse certain inmates for many reasons. This also gives reason for inmates to hold a sturdy ground while incarcerated. S.D. (2003), “Currently, prison administrators house inmates together based on their propensity for violence, misconduct, and escape. The idea behind this is that grouping dangerous inmates together allows prison administrators to concentrate surveillance resources on those most in need, and it reduces opportunities for predation on weaker inmates (Thinking About Aggregate Influences Upon Misconduct, para.). Despite the picture of being held behind bars, inmates have more control over their existence than most people think. Inmates will always try to use the system to their advantage whether the attempt is genuine or manipulated. For instance, when an inmate is transferred to prison they are entitled to food and water, at the least. However, prisoners do have other miscellaneous items they can obtain such as cigarettes, tobacco, snacks, even medication. Depending on the situation inmates can flip the items they possess into profit or use the barter system. Anyone can confirm that prison life is not an easy task to complete. However, there are rules and regulations society must follow to stay from behind bars, and if an individual decides against that he or she will become familiar with the prison system and its traditions.

Policies enforced which aid in an inmate’s adjustment to prison

Going to prison can sometimes be an intimidating, scary, and knowledgeable experience. It just depends on the type of inmate. For instance some inmates need help coming to terms with the lengthy time of their imprisonment. Inmates must also accept that they are stepping away from his or her family and friends for a long time and prison will be their new home temporarily or permanently. Then there are inmates who must be taught how to survive within the prison walls. Even though correctional officers are there to protect the inmates and make sure everyone conducts themselves in the appropriate manner, correctional officers cannot be everywhere and protect every inmate so the possibility of being verbally abused or physically attacked is present. Some prisons have the set up were new offenders come to jail, they have the older, low-risk, trust-worthy offenders take the new inmates under their wing and coach them through what to do and not in jail, well as the inmates “rules” while in prison. The...

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