Prisons Are Inhumane and Morally Wrong

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Prisons are Inhumane and Morally Wrong

Corruption in the Prison System
Raise the Crime Rate, an article written by Christopher Glazek (2012) argues that the United States seems safer due to a shift in crime from urban centers to prisons. Which has become a very shameful part of the United States history. Prisoners are kept in over populated conditions that can be considered morally wrong and inhumane. Inmates face violent acts such as rape by not only other inmates but from the guards themselves who use it as a method of control. Cries for help are ignored by prison officials who would rather turn a blind eye to the situation as well as hide it form the public. Prison populations keep increasing due to racial discrimination and outdated laws with harsh minimal punishment based on a theory, repeat offenders should be removed from the public. Glazek (2012) believes the US prison system should be abolished and citizens should put up with an increase risk in our lives, while criminals that pose a great threat to society should be executed Quetional Information

While doing further research something stood out to me. Glazek (2012) states “The Supreme Court ordered the State of California to release 45 000 prisoners”. Glazek (2012) then added “70 percent of prisoners are rearrested, and half are back in prison”. He continues to argue that California needs not only to release prisoners, but to stop creating new ones. I find this statement confusing, Elizabeth Gudrais (2013) in her article The Prison Problem mentions that more than 30 000 inmates were release this seeming like a lower estimate then Glazek stated. After releasing these prisoners, California also made changes to their three strike law. That to me sounds like California is taking steps to stop creating new prisoners which contradicts Glazek’s (2012) argument. Leaving me wonder if his resources are reliable. One Sided Argument

Glazek’s (2012) essay has a major flaw in my eyes. He argues the...

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