Week 1 Criminal Justice Theory

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Public Policy Affecting
The Correctional System
By, James Briscoe

Briscoe 1
The fastest growing component of our criminal justice system is the correctional side. With prison populations growing at a rapid rate and no money in our economy to build new prisons or hire correctional guards to watch them, it is becoming UN healthy and dangerous to house inmates especially in California. There are more inmates than guards right now and the inmates that are coming into some prisons aren’t even staying in cells. The new inmates are going to some prisons are living in the gym in three high bunks where there is little to no privacy and it makes for running into violent problems more frequently than they should be.

In California we have the issue of having rules and laws that punish first time offenders and even some low level offenses punishable by jail time. Now you can blame it on the economy but people are getting more desperate and committing more crimes than before and getting thrown into our penal system. Governor Jerry Brown of California did a good job coming into office and creating rules and policies that punished the criminals and at first we thought it was a good idea to punish criminals hard and try to make them realize that crime doesn’t pay and give them harsh punishments, but in retrospect this plan backfired because now we are overcrowded at every state prison to the point where we even ship inmates out of state to other facilities. This overcrowding affects health of guards and inmates seeing that they are so close together for many hours out the day. Now it’s the Governor’s responsibility to get legislation to vote on his new policy which is to go back and look at all the low level offenses and non violent crimes and start releasing inmates back into society. (cjcj.org)

This new policy of releasing inmates affects more than the inmates lives that are getting

Briscoe 2
released, this is going to affect us as the civilians...
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