Life Expectancy

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Life Expectancy

In developed countries and many developing countries, humans are living longer. Life expectancy levels have risen above 75 years in these areas. Discuss two reasons for this and some effects this may have. You may discuss either positive or negative effects.

Bui Thuy Linh (17505980)

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Longer life expectancy is a subject of controversy. Some people believe that this issue has negative effects on the social development of countries, especially developing ones, while others claim that it is a natural trend in the period of better living standard. My essay will discuss the causes and effects of this tendency.

Causes of this issue are related of living standard, education and political impacts. Firstly, the better living standard is a cause of longer life expectancy. For example, today there are a lot of services such as medical, technology, science and so on help to keep people's healthy. Besides, it can be seen that in the modern life there is improved health care, more doctors and more hospitals, so living standards increase. Secondly, as a result of government’s reasonable policies in recent years, populations in the peaceful countries usually have longer life expectancy. For instance, after the wars no sooner did my country have peaceful life than the citizens feel safe and contribute for their life and work, they try to have life better and balanced between relaxation and work so they have longer life expectancy.

By dint of the causes above so today people have longer life expectancy. However, there are both positive and negative impacts on government, family and society in this issue.

Firstly, with this issue lead to increasing cost to government's budget. For example, older man would be more illness so the health care services should be improved, more doctors and more hospitals, therefore, the government would face with the financial...
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