Liberation of Holland Essay

Topics: Netherlands, Nazi Germany / Pages: 9 (2246 words) / Published: Jan 2nd, 2014
On 15 May 1940, Holland surrendered to Nazi Germany and the Royal Family of Holland fled and went into exile in London. Holland’s original plans were to stay neutral throughout the war in Europe, which Holland declared when the war first broke out. Nazi Germany, Canada, France, England, America were involved in one of the most important tasks during the war, Liberating Holland from the control of the Nazi’s.
German Invasion of Holland In Holland, in the morning of May 10, 1940 was a sorrowful and confusing day due to the fact of the invading Nazi Germany which didn’t care that they didn’t have an official declaration of war and that Holland declared that they as a country would stay neutral throughout the war in Europe. Citizens in Holland first realized that Germany was invading when the German forces were moving swift across Belgium and Luxembourg. Germany’s first plan was to trick the Allied forces away from Ardennes and lead them farther into Belgium and try to influence the British to make a possible invasion in North Holland. One of the most important reasons why Nazi Germany invaded the neutral Holland was to capture the Dutch Airfields so the Luftwaffe (Air-Force) could make more bombardments on England. Holland relied on the army that they had, but Holland had a, out-dated, a small army, and they couldn’t protect themselves from the Nazi’s. Germany moved rapidly across Holland but came across resistance along the way. On the first day of invasion, there were Airborne Assaults (Parachute) which was planned to take the Dutch government, ‘The Hague’. The Dutch had success at destroying transport Aircraft that the Nazi’s relied on for the invasion of Britain. Germany was successful in taking Holland and moved rapidly by taking west and east Holland but Holland knew that the British and French would not be coming to their aid anytime soon because of the rapid movement of the Germans going into Belgium.
Bombing of Rotterdam Fighting in Rotterdam was

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