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The lexical approach was invented by Michael Lewis in 1993. Over the years many different methods of language teaching had been developed. There is not a worst one or a better one; the educators choose which one will work better for them. In fact, knowing the basic or even the most complicated elements of a language teaching methods does not mean that we will be able to implement it in a classroom; there are important points that we have to take into consideration of our personality and experience to put a method in practice. Lexical Approach

The lexical approach is a language teaching method. Its name “lexical” tell us a lot of what this method might be about; it is about the lexis. What is lexis? Lexis is the vocabulary of a language, different from grammar and the total amount of words and the combination of them in a language. Lewis wrote in his book that we all have a “store” in our minds; and the new chunks of word we learn they are kept and stored in that “store”. Lewis believes that the language a person speaks is not developed by the brain in single words, in the contrary, he thinks that chunks of lexis is being kept in the “store” and being let out as lexical units in a spoken language. What is a lexical chunk? A lexical chunk is a group of words that can be found together in a language. Lewis, M. (2000) The teacher’s role: talking was the major source of learner’s input and the teacher’s methodology is to task, plan, and report. The teacher is the knower, discoverer and the data analyst. The student’s role is active; they do intensive listening and reading. The repetition and recycling is a key concept, they have to guess the meaning of the vocabulary from a context, also working with dictionaries or other references tools.

Lewis, M. (2000) Teaching Collocation: Further Developments in the Lexical Approach. The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language. 4 (4) 245 recuperado el 20 de octubre de...
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