Level of Awareness

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Chapter III

This chapter describes how the present study was undertaken. It includes description of the method of research used, sources of data, data gathering instrument, data gathering procedures, and data processing techniques, and statistical treatment applied.

Methods of Research
To achieve the purpose of this study the researcher uses the descriptive type of research. Aquino (2006) stated that descriptive method of research is an organized attempt to analyze interpret and make a report on the present status of the institution, programs or things groups at person acts or condition of any other phenomenon, which a research wishes to study.

The descriptive method was used as one way of gathering data that showed the information on the development of review class based on the actual requirements such as facilities, review materials, review program and necessity.

Participants of the Study
The Participants of this study are the students of Philippine State College of Aeronautics from 1st year to 4th year. These students comprise three (3) college department. Random sampling is used to get the respective number of participants. The Slovin Formula with a margin of 6 percent of error is used to get the 255 actual numbers of participants out of the 3000 total enrolled students. There are 245 returns out of the 255 survey questionnaires floated. N

n =
1 + Ne2

n – sample size
N – number of cases
e – margin of error mathematician

To determine the sample population, the number of cases 3000 is divided by a constant 1 plus number of cases 3000 multiply by margin of error percent 0.06 raised to the power of two and the result is 255.

Data Gathering Instrument

The researcher made a semi-structured survey questionnaire where it has an open area within the last page of survey...
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