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Topics: Prison, Prison cell, Video game gameplay Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: November 29, 2013
Team Steam Level Theme
Dakota Cruz-Andrews, Brandon Drolet, Kyle Oliver, Eric Hitchcock

Level Theme
The theme of the level will revolve around a Mexican old west prison, and you are an ex federally who is being held prisoner for a murder you didn’t commit. You will start in a jail yard and be moved to your cellblock inside where you have to do some collection work for the cellblock boss. The prison will also have access to the sewers underneath to make your escape you are allowed to use this once the cellblock boss has collected his payment. The central level theme is around the plan of escaping your unjust capture. Visual Style

The visual style will be mostly old west Mexico with a splash of modern touches. The outside will be windswept dusty deserts, and the inside will be clay and stone walls with automatic cell doors, will a layer of dust that has been blown in from the outside. You can see rats and other vermin running from one dark corner to the other. The area is dry, arid and hot. The sewer is damp and dark with water dripping off of leaky pipes. The inside of the prison is really run down, defiantly a playpen for cons and does nothing more than keep them locked inside. Everything looks old and worn out. The prison itself is defiantly not they’re to keep anyone comfortable and absolutely nothing is in order. The Outside

The outside will consist of brick and stonewalls. Along the walls will try to incorporate fans and vents that are really only there to make it look like there is some sort of airflow within this hot desert prison. The outside as stated previously will be sandy with plenty of sand clouds to personify the image that this prison is in the middle of nowhere. A smaller detail to add will be the small fence located right outside of the building that most cons will use for visitation. To also personify the hot desert feeling, a bright sun with a huge glare will be beating down right in the center of this building right into the...
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