Yuma Territorial Prison

Topics: Prison, Arizona / Pages: 7 (1595 words) / Published: Mar 20th, 2013
What was life in the prison like? Only few people can answer that question, but The Yuma Territorial Prison was not only a prison, it also had other activities which the prisoners could get involved in so they would not spend all day locked in a cell. For example a very important part of the prison was the famous Library which was built inside the Yum Territorial Prison. It was not a very fancy library, the prison could hardly afford books for the prisoners and for the people of Yuma to use. This library did not only help the prisoners but also other people who were not inmates as well. The library was filled with books once Madora Ingalls got people to donate books and raise money for new books. Another thing they would do to raise money for books was charge visitors who would want a tour of the place. They would charge the public twenty five cents for a tour of the prison. Madora Ingalls was the name of the librarian in charge of the Yuma Territorial Prison Library. Ingalls felt as if the prisoners needed to get a good education rather than them sitting around in their cell accomplishing nothing at all with all the free time they had. She was not really working for the library either everything that she did for the prison was only volunteer work, no one at all was paying her or obligating her to complete the duty of attending the Library and helping out so many prisoners(Yuma Sun, Territorial Prison Library as also Yuma's fist, by: Darin Fenger. Sun Staff writer). The library was pretty small, it was only one room cramped with books on small bookshelves that covered the room. The advantage of having a library was considered a privilege that not many other prisons in the United States had. This was not the best library in the world but it was better than others, it had a long table where the people could sit down and read, it had numerous bookshelves stacked with books, also there were three photos hung up on the wall which seem like it was three of our

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