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November 1, 2011

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Dear Mr. xxxxxx:
I am a graduate of Silliman University Bachelor of Science in nursing and currently a Registered Nurse with a passion for cooking, and who seeks to gain sufficient knowledge, skills, manner and experience as possible in the food and beverage field and eventually work in a growing and exciting company with a work environment were my talents and strengths are appreciated and challenged.
As we all know, a good chef must have attributes like a good sense of taste and smell for food, creative to bring out new dishes, efficient management skills to keep work organized, and good communication skills. This definition of a good chef served as the basis for formulating my objectives, in order to accomplish my culinary goals, which are as follows:
• develop my palate in the process of learning the preparation and presentation of fine and excellent quality foods.
• acquire culinary avenues of creative expression.
• come to appreciate the degrees of different ingredient combinations and techniques.
• obtain distinct insight on the culinary history, origins, and theory of food.
• gain knowledge on the principles of sanitation, food history, practical aspects of good business management, and human resource management for overall kitchen efficiency.
• cultivate speed, stamina, dexterity, teamwork, and a sense of food artistry.
I have based the grounds for opting to enrol at International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu as my primary choice for acquiring a diploma for culinary arts due to the institution’s well-defined goals, outstanding philosophy, first-rate accreditations, excellent two-year Culinary Arts Chef program at a reasonable enrolment fee, exceptional faculty and staff, and admirable modern kitchen and facilities.
I am excited about the possibility of joining your ICAAC family. I have enclosed my resume for your review and hope to be able to meet with

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