Letter of Intent

Topics: Nursing, Suffering, College Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: September 23, 2010
Vanier College Admissions

Further to my application into the Nursing program at Vanier College, I express my intent as a prospective student.

Becoming a nurse has been a calling for me and it was only a matter of timing that would allow me to acquire the skills needed to practise the profession. My aim is to be able to give selfless support and provide care with compassion and empathy.

Having grown up with a father who was a psychiatric nurse I could not help but admire his wealth of knowledge about the human body. I was raised to always be prepared to take on the responsibilities of others whenever need arises. During my childhood, I supported and gave care to my physically-challenged mother who remains my daily inspiration. Through this experience, I subconsciously developed strength of character not only for myself but others who may need me. In 1998, I volunteered at the Montreal General Hospital where my adoptive mother worked in the surgical teaching department of McGill. I was fortunate to have spent many pedagogical days at the hospital. She always made sure she surrounded me with her colleagues in the medical field who encouraged me academically and she showed me the importance of a sound education. My most recent experience was when I was the primary care giver for my grandmother while she was in palliative care. This further reaffirmed my decision to pursue an education in nursing.

After having completed high school, I obtained my first DEC in Laboratory science and another in Microbiology. My choices to pursue those programs were based on my artistic talents; however, my lack of maturity at the time caused my grades to suffer towards the end of the second DEC.

I worked as a technologist at Fabrian. Which greatly developed my work ethic and professionalism, prior to which I was a quality assurance agent at data plus. I maintained my career while balancing family and church life.

I am altruistic, intelligent, grounded and I believe...
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