Letter of Intent

Topics: Problem solving, Energy security, Reality Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: January 25, 2013
My objective to obtain a masters degree in Clean Energy is entrenched in one of my daily realities and consequential perspective. I am a Graduate of Physics and Electronics and my name is Eseoghene Oghenemujeh Roberts.

The daily reality refers to the lack I have experienced in my homeland. The lack of Power for domestic and industrial purposes is a primary problem that has lingered in my society for too long.

It is a fact that globally, we are becoming more proactive in tackling the Global Energy crises with responsible solutions, putting in perspective environmental, financial and technological indices. I am motivated by such a premise that Africa for example, in solving its lack in Energy and Energy solutions despite its vast endowment can employ Clean Energy solutions and become a haven and fertile ground for implementation of Clean Energy research products and outcomes, both in human and economic capital.

A student’s undergraduate years are filled with opportunities, the opportunity I value the most came during my last year of study where I worked closely with a team of students in the design and construction of a power inverter, this was entirely an extracurricular endeavour, motivated by our thirst for solution to the challenge in our immediate environment. This opportunity afforded me one of the foundations and reference with which I am convinced would propel me through this program in Clean Energy, as I displayed impressive aptitude in the area of research, design, improvisation and problem solving.

I am currently employed as a Contact Centre Supervisor and MIS analysts in a Nigerian Bank. In the course of my career, my versatility, and leadership skills have been a great asset, to everyone around me. I recognise that my experience is unrelated to my field of interest, but the basic skills I have acquired and developed would prove invaluable to me, colleagues and the faculty if I am honoured with the...
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