Letter of Intent

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The Letter of Intent

At the Telfer Executive MBA Program, we understand the investment you will make. Our objective is to ensure that you are making a well-informed decision that is right for you. The letter of intent is an important component of the application process. It allows you to communicate to the Telfer Executive MBA Selection Committee key topics that will be critical to your success within the Program. Your letter of intent should be two to three pages in length, and can be addressed to the Director of the Telfer Executive MBA Program. The focus of your letter of intent should address the following five topics: 1. Consider your personal contribution to the learning experience within the classroom The diversity of candidates within a Telfer Executive MBA cohort allows you to learn not only from experienced faculty members but also from fellow candidates. In this part of your letter of intent, you should provide your individual assessment of what you believe you can contribute to the learning environment based upon your personal career progression, experiences and achievements. 2. Articulate your expectations and objectives for the Telfer Executive MBA Program Every candidate has a distinct purpose for considering the Telfer Executive MBA Program. You need to critically develop a well-defined set of professional development and learning objectives. Clearly specify why you are pursuing the Telfer Executive MBA, how the Program will contribute to your career progression, and what are the key elements in which you wish to develop as you move through the Program. 3. Describe your work ethic The Telfer Executive MBA program requires a high level of commitment, active involvement with classmates and clients, and the enthusiasm to learn new concepts. How would you characterize your work ethic? Provide examples where you have successfully operated in a stressful, high-intensity and delivery-focused work environment. 4. Describe how you work within a...
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