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lets talk green

By Thu-Shein Tun Apr 15, 2015 438 Words

Project Proposal:
Let’s talk Green

Attention: Jesline Wong and Sakina Begum (Deputy-Chairpersons) MDIS Staff, Advisory Committee, MDIS Student Council
Prepared by: Lim Bae Wei and Jayson Edward Thu Shein Tun
3rdth April 2015

“Let’s talk green” is a new campaign that has been brought up into the student council by the new executive community in the student body. It is an idea of a new tradition being brought up for the student body, not only is it to emphasize on the importance of eco-friendliness but to remind people that we are endangered by rapid global warming. Like our famous MDIS Integrated hostel, which was awarded with the Green Mark Gold Plus Award, we want to be able to make a difference not only in school but to create a new habit for student culture. Flowers in many societies, represent many things such as beauty, strength, passion and etc. For this reason we have decided that, every year once a verdict have been done for the new executive committee, a seedling of a flower have to be placed into a designated area, where the flowers would be able to grow with beauty. The flower will slowly mature representing the individual growth such as leadership quality, potential, creativity and passion. After they are release from the student council, this flower will be cut by existing junior ex-co to be presented to the senior ex-co, during the student council anniversary. This is to represent our appreciation and to thank them for their dedication in helping the student council growth. Even though such effort is quiet meaningless, but the small things in life are what gives the most impact. I belief this can also improve the image of the student council, as this flowers can be place in very general areas, where student can help by watering the plants. This not only helps to create awareness for the student, but at the same time gives an impactful meaning in life. Objective

To create awareness to the student society and to start a new tradition that represents student council as a whole. To reach out not only to the students but to everyone that we’re still emphasizing on “eco-friendliness”.

Flower seedlings
An area to plant the flowers
Watering can made up of recycled material
A sign board that say “go green” or “water me” which bear the student council and MDIS insignia The approval of management

Project Budget

Flower seedlings for each EXCO members , each seedlings cost $2 and we’ll sum to about $22 = 11x$2 .

So we’re proposing for a $22 fund for this project.

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