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Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, Conservation movement Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: November 10, 2013

Report plan
Professor Amanda Barnett
May 19, 2013

Going green is a program that helps people to use the available resources effectively in order to conserve the environment. Going green can be of great help in creating a friendly environment for employees at Strayer University in Herndon VA. The audience is Professor Amanada Barnett. The topic is about enabling a good working environment for employees through better use of available resources within the university. This report addresses the issues of poor working environment. Many of the workers spend most of the time cleaning waste papers and other waste products in the school vicinity. This problem is of major concern. Going green will enable the management of the institution to cut on the cost incurred in maintaining a healthy environment and further boost the efficiency of employees.

There are many challenges within the institution that impair the smooth run of the university. Green program has a wide scope of how these problems can be handled. Apart from the waste papers within the institution, other resources like water, electricity and finances are poorly managed. Green program has means of educating the employees on how to be conservative to such resources. This report will analyze the steps involved in effective use of electricity and cheap means of getting energy. Additionally, it will show efficient use of water to grow vegetations and better ways of keeping the environment clean. Employees need to work in a free and fair environment without being overburdened or being intimidated. Going green program gives better understanding to employees on how to relate with their seniors. The report will show various approaches towards creating harmonious environment between the employees and the employer.

Green program entails for a better means of communication. Going green makes system of communication effective and easy to use by all employees. This program will have...
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