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"Let go to Hold on"

By jerriann Jan 24, 2014 530 Words
"Let go to Hold on"
Crying is an expression of emotions

Should I try to hold back my tears if I feel like crying?

If I dont allow a tear to drop or to allow myself to go all through
these feelings, does that mean I am weak to face reality and too weak to handle it?
And if I choose to stand and cry, then this could only mean two things I am strong and I am living.
There are many choices in life, to cry or not to cry, holding it back or letting it go,
You can listen or you can ignore , be brave or stay afraid.

But what really is the best choice that can give us emotional protection? Is it to have a shield that promises no more tears?

Some of us don't listen to what our hearts dictate

Is it because we are too busy collecting doubts and being afraid of the pain? Or is it the reality of the vulnerability that loving entails?
Some stop trying and stay in their comfort zones, but Love shouldn't be like that for it is not weak.
And If i choose my emotions to lead the way, will I Choose to stand and be not afraid of letting go and giving more?
And choose to believe that anything that feels good couldn't possibly be bad.
Crying is not a bad thing. It's water , essential to life. A tear drop from your eyes runs down on your cheek to the ground on a seed and this could turn into a beautiful flower or anything that flourishes.

(stop guarding yourself)
Don't be afraid to love { Love should be your protection}
*let go of the love and hold on to the great things it brings*

I wish I knew things when I was younger
I wish I knew how to speak well and be heard
I wish I knew that School Subjects aren't enemies
I wish I knew how to act appropriately
But I didn't I was challenged and was supposed to learn
I wish I knew that things happen for a lot of reasons
I wish I knew that I will gain something and sometimes nothing I wish I knew that it is so hard to live but yes it's worth it But didn't I got hurt and wanted to run so far away
I wish I knew how to keep good friends and turn my back to bad influences I wish I knew that love can kill and can be sometimes real
I wish I knew how to composed myself and to stand still when rain begins But I didn't I was so dumbed and almost fell like six ft under I wish I knew but I'm glad I didn't for now I can tell
I live my life like a roller coaster
I was and still in it riding all the way
Experiencing a lot and wish for a happy ending
Continue Learning and will never give up
Who says Life is boring?
It's like driving with a full tank of hopes
And oil of love from those who cares
Family and friends that got ya' back..

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