Mr. Nordstrom Case Summary

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o Relate the various feelings indicated or implied by Mr. Derstrom to the theoretical descriptions of feelings that parents display as they learn to cope with their child’s disability.
Mr. Derstrom goes through a variety of feelings throughout his account in raising his son Jonathon. There is a feeling of loss and grief at the notice of his son’s ability. Mr. Derstrom describes his feelings of guilt and fear in preparing for Jonathon’s future and going through day to day activities and routine.(Overton, 2005, p. 38) Acceptance from family was overwhelming and seemed unexpected as they share tears in acceptance and in defense for their “special” addition. (p. 39) He ends his account with his appreciation for the “love and support” that has been shown to their son by the teachers and professionals who have worked with them as a family. (pp. 42-43)
o How might feelings of grief, helplessness, and other stressors influence the Derstrom’s family’s attitude and commitment to Jonathan’s intervention planning and services?
As Mr. Derstom put it, when you are approached with a “can do” attitude the anxiousness and feelings of defeat can be greatly decreased. (p. 42) Having feelings of grief, helplessness, among other states of grief are all part of the process, but...

They know their child best! Who are we to assume the “he can’t” list without giving our best effort to try and possibly succeed with the family. Assisting them in successfully knowing their child strengthens the bond of parenting and the reassurance of triumph every parent desires in raising a child. Using terminology and sampling directions of those who have not succeeded are some areas to avoid. Keeping discussions as transparent as possible for families helps to grow a relationship of trust and understanding and reduces the helplessness they feel in a situation that is not within their...
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