Lesson Planning & the Curriculum

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Lesson Planning & the Curriculum.

“Never teach a lesson you didn't have fun planning. Your enthusiasm empowers your students”. Kathiann Antonio


Subject:_____________________________________________ Date:_________________________

Topic:_______________________________________ Duration:_________________

Sub Topic:____________________________________ Class:___________________

Lesson Number:__________________ No of Children:___________

Ability Range: ___________________

Prior Knowledge:
All experiences (formal and informal) that students should have had to participate meaningful in present lesson.

Recognition of Exceptional Learners:
Identify the exceptional learner category (learning disabilities, gifted, physical disabilities, student at risk for failure- due to frequent absenteeism, emotional problems). Outline the learning problems specific to the lesson that you are teaching.

Objectives: (Written in Behavioral Terms)
Guidelines that will be used to focus on specific content and strategies and measure student behavior in a particular setting.

Instructional Resources: (List of Materials, Charts, A/V Aids, etc) All materials used to facilitate the concepts or shills to be taught.

Content (add attachments as necessary)
Skills, facts and/or processes to be experienced and internalized throughout the lesson.

Introduction ( must relate to the topic)
Gets the attention of students and prepare them for the topic to be dealt with. It also helps you assess students readiness for lesson to come.

Summary of the lesson Teacher-Student Interaction Focusing on Objectives/Closures: Final words of Teacher.

Evaluation of the Lesson:
This should not be merely a summary or descriptive account of the lesson. This personal reflection should be objective and assess the teacher's behaviors as well as the students. This should speak to management of time, students,...
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