Lesson Plan Grammar - Being Healthy

Topics: Noun, Adjective, Teacher Pages: 6 (640 words) Published: July 17, 2014
Subject: English
Class: 3 A
Date: 28th June 2013
Time: 8.40 – 9.40 (60 mins)
No. of Pupils: 27
Theme: World of Knowledge
Topic: Being Healthy
Focused Skill: Grammar
Integrated Skill: Listening and Speaking
Level: 2
Content Standard: 5.1 By the end of the 6- year primary schooling, pupils will be able to use different word classes correctly and appropriately. Learning Standard: 5.1.6 Able to use adjectives correctly and appropriately: a) colour

b) shape
c) size
d) opinion
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: i. describe themselves with correct adjectives.
ii. find the correct objects assigned by instruction cards.
iii. write simple sentence with the correct usage of adjectives. Language Content: Adjectives (Colour, shape and size)
Thinking Skills: Making connection
Moral Values: Alert to the surroundings, tolerance, and confidence. Teaching Aids: Picture masks, ABC poem, dictionary, Instruction Cards, Adjective song and DVD Player.
Previous Knowledge: Pupils already learn about common nouns. Activity
Teaching & Learning Strategies
Set induction – Mask oh Mask
1. Teacher wears picture masks and asks pupils to say out loud what the pictures are. 2. Teacher asks several questions about the characteristics of the pictures. Read aloud

Q & A session
Teaching Aids: Picture masks

1. What is the shape of this apple?
2. What is the colour of banana?

Presentation – ABC Poem
3. Teacher shows ABC poem to the pupils.
4. Pupils to recite ABC poem along with teacher.
5. Teacher assists discussion on the adjectives in the poem. 6. Teacher recites ABC poem clearly with intonation and correct pronunciation. Thinking skill

Presenting correct pronunciation
Teaching Aids: ABC Poem (Appendix 1)

1. What are the nouns in the poem?
2. Which words describe the noun?
3. What kind of adjective is that word?
Sound effect:

Practice – Knowing Me Knowing You
7. Teacher asks pupils to find words to describe themselves. 8. Pupils have to come up with the best word using the first alphabet of their names. 9. Pupils can use dictionary to help them with the adjectives. 10. Pupils stand up and say their names with the words that describe them. 11. Game is played until all pupils have had a chance.

Creative thinking

Confidence within self
Red Rani
Long Laili
Square Siti
Graceful Ghani
Smart Suraya
Brave Borhan

Teaching Aids:

Production – Adjective Treasure Hunt
12. Pupils are divided into groups of four.
13. Each group is given an instruction card.
14. Pupils go around the school looking for the objects.
15. The first group to return with all the correct objects is the winner. Kinesthetic activity

Boost creativity

Teaching Aids:
Instruction cards
(Appendix 2)
A green grass
A black eraser
An iron ruler
A red flower
A round ball
A small leaf

Enrichment: Crazy Stories
16. Ask pupils to come out with a list of adjectives and write on the board. 17. Pupils use these adjectives to write short stories.
18. Pupils write short stories.
19. Pupils read their stories.
Quick and creative thinking

Tolerance with others’ idea
big - blue - shiny - new

Ali has a new car. The car is blue in colour. His car is so big. Because it is still new, the blue car is shiny, Closure: Adjective Song
20. Teacher emphasis on the use of adjective in daily life.
21. Teacher plays the Adjective Song and sing together with the pupils. Emphasize on the adjective

Whole class activity
Teaching Aids: Adjective Song
(Appendix 3)

Appendix 1
ABC Poem.

A is for apple,
Apple is juicy,
Apple is juicy and round,
Apple is delicious to eat.

B is for banana,
Banana is sweet,
Banana is sweet and yellow,
Banana is good to eat.

C is for carrot,
Carrot is crunchy,
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