Legislative Speech to College Students

Topics: Democracy, Voting, Georgia Pages: 4 (1698 words) Published: May 21, 2012
I truly take pride in being able to address this body of students today, not only have you all taken the leap into gaining a college education from a great educational institution like UGA but you have also decided to find time between your rigorous students to advocate for democratic values through participating in groups like the Young Democrats. In addition you have made the decision to align yourself with students who advocate for alliances for freedom of expression and protecting individual liberties through your school’s Gay Straight Alliance. It is not by chance that I am addressing this body of students because your city, state and country need your leadership, guidance and involvement in ensuring we stay on path that is inclusive of all people, a country where governments work for all people and a democratic party that looks to its young people as the future. I have the distinct opportunity to serve as a member of Georgia’s State House Representatives representing the 60th district of Georgia, which comprises Fulton County, Clayton County, the City of Atlanta, Forest Park, College Park, East Point and Hapeville. While I am proud to serve this great district many of the areas in my district are suffering for issues of high unemployment, record foreclosures, code enforcement violations and unfortunately a quality of life that residents are not pleased with. That is why I believe I was elected because the voters see my passion for working hard to protect their interest, improve the quality of life and be change maker. This is the same reason why I stand before you today because our society is calling on you to be the protectors of our communities, deliver innovative solutions to our country’s many problems and work to see a better life for every American. The call has been made, will you answer? I firmly believe that, that call has already been answered based on the actions of those joined with me today. Here at UGA the two student group represented today...
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