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August 7, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians,
My name is Allen Kade and I am currently your child’s choral music teacher. Upon passing, this class will fulfill the fine arts credit needed for graduation from Princeton Senior High School. This course also provides the training and enhancement of vocal skills necessary for participation in Chorus II-IV, Ladies Ensemble, Madrigal Singers, and CENTERSTAGE show choir. These are auditioned groups to students in grades 10 through 12.

The grading policy for this class is as follows:

20% = tests/quizzes EXAMPLE: 95 = q/t average 40% = daily vocal and written participation 95 = dp average 40% = performances** +100 = perf. average 97 = grade *

* Keep in mind that students whose attendance falls below the county guideline will be required to take the final exam and that grade will be averaged with the four grading period grades. ** This is a performance-based class. Not attending a performance results in a receiving a “0” for that performance. There are non-performing fine arts classes available. Emergency exceptions to this policy will be made on an individual basis. In periods with no performances, daily participation will constitute 80% of the grade. Individual vocal assessments will begin on August 7, 2014 to establish vocal range and readiness. My job is to enhance vocal skills. I cannot do that without an individual diagnostic assesssment.

For choirs I-IV, the appropriate dress for performances will always be: Women: skirt or...
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