Legal Issues in Business

Topics: Law, Data Protection Act 1998, Disability Pages: 2 (1120 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Assignment Three
Part One: Legal Issues – These are laws set by the government. That are essentially rules that a business must follow. They are designed to keep both the consumer and the business happy and ensure that everyone is treated fairly. Vue must follow these rules or they may be prosecuted and faced with a punishment such as a fine or, I extreme circumstances, forced closure of a business. Data protection Act –The Data Protection Act is set up to stop businesses unlawfully sharing customers details, the key characteristics of this law are: All customer information must be collected with customer consent. The information can only be used for the purpose it was collected for. Data must be kept accurate and up to date.

Data can’t be kept longer than necessary.
Data must be processed within the customers’ rights.
This law could impact Vue in several different situations, Vue offer a customer news letter sent via e-mail or post, The Data Protection Act would affect Vue here because it would prevent Vue from sharing the customers e-mail address or real address with other companies. Another situation in which Vue could be affected by this Act is if a customer pays via a debit card, by law Vue would not be allowed to keep this information in their records for any longer than they needed it. The impact of Vue not following this could be legal action such as being fined or the victim suing the company, this will result in financial loss for Vue and therefore their profits will decrease. Disability Discrimination Act – This law states that disabled people should not be discriminated against, this law is there to promote equality among everyone. The key characteristics are: Employees cannot deny people jobs based on their disabilities. Employees with disabilities cannot be harassed or abused.

Companies must employ a certain number of disabled people?
This law could affect Vue because it means that the manager can’t decide to fired people or not give them...
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