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This is an information sheet for parents which outlines the following: * The current legislation for home based childcare
* The role of regulatory bodies
Current and relevant legislation
There are numerous laws relating to children and young people in the UK. The most influential of these is the Children Act (2004), which arose from the Green Paper ‘Every Child Matters’. It identifies five outcomes for children: * Be healthy

* Stay safe
* Enjoy and acheive
* Make positive contribution
* Acheive economic well-being
These outcomes form the basis of inspections and will underpin my practice. Legislation - Laws, rules and regulations passed by acts of parliament. Please read the following selection of Acts:
Childcare Act (2006) – Introduced the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England. Data Protection Act (1998) – Prevents confidential and personal information being passed on without a persons consent, in the case of children the consent must be given by the parents. Children Act (1989) – First acknowlegement in UK law of children’s rights, encapsulated by the phrase: ‘the needs of the child are paramount. Protection Of Children Act (1998) – Requires a list to be kept of people considered to be unsuitable to work with children. Family Law Act (1996) – Sets out guidance relating to safeguarding children.

The role of regulatory bodies

Home-based childcarers must be registered with the regulatory body for their country before they can care for other people’s children in their own home. All the regulatory bodies publish requirements, or standards and procedures that childminders have to meet in order to be registered. It is a fineable offence to work as a home-based childcarer and not be registered. The regulatory body in the UK is Ofsted. The registration system exists so that Ofsted can make sure that I: * Meet the welfare requirements and learning and development requirements as set out in the Early Years framework....
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