Learning Environment in Clinical Practice

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Clinical practice in hospital plays an important part of learning environment for nursing curriculum. Mc Cabe (1985) thinks that clinical learning experience provides students for knowledge and socializing in professional education. ‘Furthermore, the professional socialization of nursing students occurs largely in the practice setting’ (Windsor 1987.Lee & French 1997).

I am a registered staff nurse working in emergency department with experience almost for nine years. Before this I’m one of the nursing student diplomas in this hospital for three years. Now I’m under gone for my top-up degree nursing for two years later. I’m working in emergency department from greed until now. My workplace is a famous department in most hospital with patients, because our department receives a lot of interesting case every day like trauma and medical case. In general emergency department, patients are triage according to urgency and perceived need.

My workplace is one of the teaching and training hospitals. Every year we receive student nurse coming time to time from government or private to their nursing diploma or degree. For nursing diploma student, they will stay in my hospital for eight years, three years for study and five years as their contract with management after their qualified as a registered nurse. After that they will posted in the ward as their learning environment. They will learn many skills, knowledge and experience to manage their patients care in the ward.

In this paper I will discuss about my workplace clinical area as effectiveness for learning process, while supported by literature. These issues focus on 2 key of learning environment including physical environment and social climate in Androgogy, humanism theories and others theory of learning.

Physical environment aspect is material resources such as facilities and technology in workplace. Those issue its effectiveness for student learning process in clinical area. The resources can provide student to apply their experience, skills and knowledge as a cognitive learning in their ward situations practices. Napthine (1996) believe that student’s experience in physical environment workplace with knowledge and skills is dependent to quality of nursing educations.

My clinical learning had setting skill lab, library, conference room, assessment tools and research based literature for staff or students to practice their skills and knowledge. Library was an inseparable part of learning process. In my workplace student’s used library for their study, information and research. Books, article and journal are available in my library for them resources. Bundy (1999) say that in library students can get more information management and education function for learning. Moss (1987) thinks that library should help student to cope their study-related problem in clinical area.

My library workplace has a limited place and sometimes the resources still not enough for student research. These are importance issue to prevent it happen in my clinical area. The managements must have budget to improve their clinical area to be a successful learning environment in workplace.

Portfolio of learning opportunities (POLO) / educational resource (ER) play an importance role of development of students in clinical area. ENB/DoH Placements in Focus (2001) acts as an instrument for both students and mentor during the learning process.

Nursing skill lab one of facilitates in my workplace for students and staff to learning and teaching activities in learning curriculum. Issenberg et al (1999) say that students learn communication skills, technical clinical procedures and medical algorithms in their skill labs. Every year our department provide course such as advance cardiac life support, basic trauma course, aquatic rescue and others for students and staff for their learning. For those courses they will use skills lab equipments as their learning. There are so many lathers...
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