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Competencies in Nursing: Analyzing the Nurse-Patient Relationship NURS 285
Submitted by Kimberley Brynn FitzGerald
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Competencies in Nursing: Analyzing the Nurse-Patient Relationship The scope of this annotated bibliography will investigate and provide insight into a series of three academic articles. Furthermore, this annotated bibliography will provide a reflection segment that will articulate the knowledge I have obtained by implementing the principles into the competencies needed for becoming a registered nurse. Suikkala, A., & Leino-Kilpi, H. (2005). Nursing student – patient relationship: Experiences of students and patients. Nurse Education Today, 25, 344-354. In this article, Suikkala (2005) emphasizes the importance of the nurse-patient relationship in clinical experiences of student nurses. Based in medical wards in Finland, qualitative data provides insight into factors promoting or impeding relationships, thus emerging three types: mechanistic, authoritative and facilitative relationships. A facilitative relationship “was characterized by mutuality, focusing on the common good for both students and patients” (p. 346). Based on the data, however, lack of confidence and experience leads to student perplexity hindering the personal and professional growth of students. Suikkala suggests student and patient related factors, time spent together, and atmosphere predominantly affects preconceptions and stereotypes about one another, all of which influence the nurse-patient relationship. Before reading this article, I was aware that the nurse-patient relationship is the foundation of nursing practice, conjointly founded on trust, respect and empathy. From my personal learning perspective, I feel that I need to establish better opportunities for my personal and professional growth by overcoming obstacles to enhance and improve my patient relationships. In my own clinical practice, I tend to focus on the tasks at hand and less so on building...
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