11 Core Competencies in Nursing

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11 core competencies in nursing

1.safe and quality nursing care
2.management of resources and environment's
3.health education
4.legal responsibility
5.ethic/moral responsibility
6.personal and professional development
7.quality improvement
9.record management
11.collaboration and teamwork


1. Safe and Quality Nursing Care

Core Competency 1: Demonstrates knowledge base on the health /illness status of individual / groups •Identifies the health needs of the clients (individuals, families, population groups and/or communities) •Explains the health status of the clients/ groups

Core Competency 2: Provides sound decision making in the care of individuals / families/groups considering their beliefs and values •Identifies clients’ wellness potential and/or health problem •Gathers data related to the health condition

Analyzes the data gathered
Selects appropriate action to support/ enhance wellness response; manage the health problem •Monitors the progress of the action taken

Core Competency 3: Promotes safety and comfort and privacy of clients •Performs age-specific safety measures in all aspects of client care •Performs age-specific comfort measures in all aspects of client care •Performs age-specific measures to ensure privacy in all aspects of client care

Core Competency 4: Sets priorities in nursing care based on clients’ needs •Identifies the priority needs of clients
Analyzes the needs of clients
Determines appropriate nursing care to address priority needs/problems

Core Competency 5: Ensures continuity of care
Refers identified problem to appropriate individuals / agencies •Establishes means of providing continuous client care

Core Competency 6: Administers medications and other health therapeutics •Conforms to the 10 golden rules in medication administration and health therapeutics

Core Competency 7: Utilizes the nursing process as framework for nursing
7.1 Performs comprehensive and systematic nursing assessment •Obtains informed consent
Completes appropriate assessment forms
Performs appropriate assessment techniques
Obtains comprehensive client information
Maintains privacy and confidentiality
Identifies health needs

7.2 Formulates a plan of care in collaboration with clients and other members of the health team •Includes client and his family in care planning
Collaborates with other members of the health team
States expected outcomes of nursing intervention maximizing clients’ competence •Develops comprehensive client care plan maximizing opportunities for prevention of problems and/or enhancing wellness response •Accomplishes client-centered discharge plan

Implements planned nursing care to achieve identified outcomes •Explains interventions to clients and family before carrying them out to achieve identified outcomes •Implements nursing intervention that is safe and comfortable •Acts to improve clients’ health condition or human response •Performs nursing activities effectively and in a timely manner •Uses the participatory approach to enhance client-partners empowering potential for healthy life style/wellness

7.3 Evaluates progress toward expected outcomes
Monitors effectiveness of nursing interventions
Revises care plan based on expected outcomes

2. Communication
Core Competency 1: Establishes rapport with client, significant others and members of the health team •Creates trust and confidence
Spends time with the client/significant others and members of the health team to facilitate interaction •Listens actively to client’s concerns/significant others and members of the health team

Core Competency 2: Identifies verbal and non-verbal cues
Interprets and validates client’s body language and facial expressions

Core Competency 3: Utilizes formal and informal channels
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