Leaf and Highest Transpiration Rates

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Virtual Lab: Plant Transpiration

Please complete questions below prior to attempting the lab report for this assignment. Table 1: Total Amount of Water (in mL) Transpired in One Hour Plant TypeNormal Conditions (21oC)With Heater

(27oC)With Fan (21oC)With Lamp (21oC)
Devil’s Ivy2.
English Ivy1.
Rubber Plant4.
Weeping Plant3.
Zebra Plant4.

1.Define transpiration.

The process by which moisture is carried through plants.

2.Based on the results from your lab, how might your results differ if you direct the air flow onto the upper surface of the leaf versus the lower surface? Why?

3.Did any of the environmental factors (heat, light, or wind) increase the transpiration rate more than the others? Why?

The transportation was increased mostly by the fan: 6.4 As it increased the respiration by transporting water away from plant.

4.Which species of plants that you tested had the highest transpiration rates? Why do you think different species of plants transpire at different rates?

The plant that was observed with the highest rate of transportation is the rubber plant. Also, each plant species has a rate of transportation, good for its domestic environment. As higher transportation rates could be an indicator of a more wet climate. And lower rate of transportation could be used to conserve water in hotter climates.

5.Describe the pathway of water movement from xylem cells in the stem to the air surrounding the leaf.

6.What is the role of the roots and root hairs in transpiration?

7.With intense sunlight, drought, and intense wind a plant’s guard cells may lose turgor pressure and its stoma may close. a.What is an advantage of a plant’s stoma closing?
b.What is a disadvantage of a plant’s stoma closing?

8.Explain the...
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