Leadership Style

Topics: Leadership, Sleep deprivation, Sleep Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Leadership Style Paper
By: Stephanie Santana
University of Phoenix
Mary Kattan

Being a leader is more that motivating others to strive harder and accomplish goals. It’s more about gathering everyone with different skills, religion, ethnicity, etc. and making them one. As a leader, the task is to develop new strategies, tackle problems as soon as they start, recognize signs of stress, leave personal problems as home, put the job first, etc. Not everyone makes a great leader because time isn’t implemented to make changes that are necessary and don’t put the needs of the organization and members in thought. I will discuss who has been a great leader in my life any why. Along will that, I will discuss my traits as a leader. When I joined the Air Force, the first step is going to basic training. When I arrived, our military instructor assigned us element leaders and a chief. The girl in charge of the entire flight was airman Hernandez. She was our leader and she had to help all of us succeed in basic training. Why I consider her a successful leader was the fact that she deprived sleep to handle any problems that arrived in our flight. She made sure we were all getting along. If we had concerns, she went out of her way to address them. We were involved in decision-making and we voted for what we wanted. She never put herself before the flight. With airman Hernandez as out flight chief, she led the element leaders into us becoming honor flight. We all were honored and punished together. It never was about one person. If one person failed, we all failed and that’s what a team is about. We must help each other and strive as one. Our leader assigned us to specific duties and she checked them once they were completed to ensure they were done properly. Duties were from passing inspections, studying for exams, performing drills, etc. Our leader helped us work together, set aside our differences and focus only on our task. Our...
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