Reflective Essay On Leadership Skills

Topics: Management, Want, Emotion Pages: 3 (625 words) Published: June 15, 2015

The leadership influences for me started on the first Monday morning quarters onboard the CGC Yocona. I was right out of recruit training, firing on all cylinders and ready to tow the Coast Guard line. Quarters was held on the mess deck and the young BM3 was handing out work lists for the day. I did not know who he was but I watched and listened to everyone call him by his first name. Once orders were given out to all parties he then asked if there were any questions. I was not introduced nor given a work party so I raised my hand to inquire where I was to go. I mistakenly asked him by his first name where I was to go. The morning turned from bright and casual to tense and stormy in an instant as he verbally tore into me as loud as possible. This degraded and embarrassed me which...

Another behavior trait that I will improve is the area of "challenge the process". Often times I will rely too much on past accomplishes to show me the process moving forward. The idea of "releasing" my subordinates to try new and innovative ways to complete a task is a way that I can work to encourage this way of thinking. I will find times where taking a risk even if there is a chance at failure will not hamper overall mission and embolden my team to do so.

6. The last behavior I will work to improve is helping my subordinates "grow in their jobs by learning new skills and developing themselves". I need to show that their span of influence can be expanded by developing their competence level. Our rating will be a stronger influence on the Coast Guard if we are smarter subject matter specialists.

7. My leadership philosophy therefore is influencing others to achieve a common goal through partnership and collaboration. Once this is achieved, then that "boot" that arrived in 1994 aboard the CGC Yocona with high CG dedication would not be let down by a misplaced verbal lashing. There is a time for sharp words in short order but we must have a keen eye on when they are to be...
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