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Topics: Marching band, Association football, Skill Pages: 23 (7865 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Name of activity: Marching Band
CAS: Creative- Summer 2011
Learner Outcome: Planned and initiated activities, worked collaboratively with others Contact: Lisa Brininstool- lbrinistool@hanover.k12.va.us

The marching band season began the first week of August with band camp from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The show, titled “Essentially Elemental”, integrated both hard technical musical skills with an intense drill to create a creative and emotional show that truly captured the watcher’s attention. In order to make the show a success, a heavy emphasis was placed on musical accuracy that I, as section leader, was responsible for within my group. As the section leader, I met the learner outcome of planning and initiating activities in that I was responsible for calling and leading extra rehearsals for music within my section and was responsible for the quality of music they produced. My group had multiple rehearsals a week, all of which I planned and lead.

My role as section leader also allowed me to illustrate the learner outcome of working collaboratively with others. The respective section leaders had weekly leadership meetings in which we discussed the successes and weaknesses of our groups and tried to come up with ways to continue to improve our show. Section leaders and drum majors were also forced to work together to ensure that all rehearsals ran smoothly with everyone being attentive and on task, which becomes exceedingly harder as our groups continued to grow. My role as section leader for the marching band was my first real taste of a true leadership experience and allowed me to develop my personal talents in music as well as my leadership skills. Being section leader made me think of more than my own success due to the fact that I was not only responsible for the achievements of myself but also those of seven other girls in my section.

During the next marching band season, I’m probably going to audition for the position of drum major, which would greatly increase my leadership responsibilities. While in rehearsals, I need to truly focus on the matter at hand and prevent myself from getting distracted and off-task, which is something that has always proven difficult for me to do. I’m also going to try to work more with underclassmen to ensure their success and by extension, the success of the program as a whole.

Name of activity: Eurotech Soccer Academy
CAS: Action- Summer 2011
Learner Outcome: Increased their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth, developed new skills Name of Contact: Jim Risher- questions@eurotechsoccer.com

Over the summer, I attended Eurotech Soccer Academy at Christ Church, a five-day soccer camp designed to improve footwork and other technical skills in a safe and encouraging environment. There were three 90-minute sessions every day, one of which was focused on footwork, one of which was focused on passing and shooting, and the last of which was focused on scrimmaging and general game play. These sessions met the learner outcome of developing new skills in that the small player-to-coach ratio allowed for focused work on areas of weakness and the introduction of new skills to small groups of players. This greatly improved my touch with the ball and just general handling skills and forced me to cooperate with others in order to accomplish the most we could during each session.

After the final session of the soccer academy, the coaches spent a few minutes per person on end-of-camp evaluations. Designed to highlight strengths and weaknesses of each player, these evaluations and the individual meetings with coaches after their distribution to discuss the comments, met the learner outcome of increasing awareness of strengths and areas of growth. The evaluation showed what areas of the game we’re excelling with but also brought to light areas that our technical skills may have been lacking in and also designed a plan to better these skills.

This camp increased my...
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