Leadership & Organizations Team Analysis paper

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**Describes the process and development by which our project was completed 1. What were your initial expectations about other team members?  How did you assess the others’ impact on the team?  What actually happened compared with those first perceptions? How effective was your team? What are your feelings about this, and your attempts to become more effective and the outcomes? How did group norms developed?  Norms are shared experiences of "how we should, ought, must, or should not behave".  These norms develop often unconsciously depending on a number of variables: personality, culture, situation, values, traditions in the university, etc. What happened when your norms were violated? 2. What insights came out of the Team Climate Survey from your reader? 3. Explain the development of task, social-emotional, and individual roles. 4. How did sub-structuring occur? Were there dyads, triads, singletons, etc. This is often a very subtle process that sometimes goes on below the level of awareness.  Pay attention to those you feel close with, consistently agree with, and/or work in smaller groups with, etc. How did team skills develop over time? Include things such as communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and decision-making. How did your various self-assessments and sharing them with each other affect your team? 5. What leadership skills developed? Were they effectiveness?

6. Did cross-cultural and gender issues affect the team? How? (Hint: these issues are always at play)

7. How did creating a mission statement and peer evaluation criteria aided the development of your team? **Attach a copy of your Team Mission Statement and Project Executive Summary to your Team Analysis Paper. 
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