Leadership Essay

Topics: Idea, Mind, Management Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Lizzy Wirth

Dear Mrs.Bridenbaugh,
I spent a long time writing out BTF models, pre-writing , and brain storming trying to figure out the best way to get in the leadership class next year. But i came to realize that leadership is all about structural organization, opening a text book,or even knowlage. It is about the school and great kids coming to gether to have fun organizing an assembly or picking slideshow music, it is about 'the art of the heart'.

Its hard to describe or picture leadership because there are so many examples of it, its hard to just sum it all up in one picture. Leadership can be the leadership class putting together an assembly,adding last minute changes to the first dance so it's finally done, or struggling to wrap cuttlery but finally finishing. Yet leadership can also be a random kid in school, that you have never met pitching in to help you hang up the poster you almost droped. leaders are every where you look, and putting them all into one picture to explain what leadership looks like would be super hard, but i you look at the leadership class... you'll see about half of them.

I am no one to boast about my leadership qualities because like every one, have my flaws. Yet in some ways i think i stick out. I have done leadership so i have experience, i know how hard and stressful it is to help finish the assembly, and i went to leadership camp (sort of:). I am full of great ideas and I'm a go getter, in fact if memory serves I'm a "dive in and do every thing girl" which yes, can take its toll's but I'm always ready for the job. I am a great leader and can do anything i set my mind to, it's just a matter of setting my mind to it.

Every day i have thousands of little voices in my head giving me ideas for leadership. Just like many of the leadership kids in class i have a brain that is set on leadership mode, and well... the button is jammed. This was my first year of leadership, going into this i had no idea...
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