Leadership at Washington Mutual

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Being a leader is not the same as being a manager, and vice versa. Managers create order out of complexity. Leaders, deal with ambiguity, change, and opportunity. To be effective, leadership can’t just be about inspiration but must also be about getting results. Research analysis of Washington Mutual leadership has revealed some interesting and relevant management issues.

The leadership at WAMU consists of three managers. The Branch Manager has 10 months in the current position, 3 years managerial experience and supervises 14 employees. The Assistant Manager has 2 years in the current position, 5 years managerial experience, and supervises 13 employees. The Operations Supervisor has 2 years in the current position, 2 years managerial experience, and supervises 7 employees.

Research analysis has illustrated that the leadership style at WAMU is Transformational. Employees find this leadership style effective and have given management an overall 5 out of 5 stars for overall supervisor assessment. But our evaluation will ultimately reveal some issues with Charismatic and Transformational Leadership within Washington Mutual.

Leadership is demonstrated at WAMU through managers implementing a series of processes, routines, and strategies within the organization. Management has constructed a reward system for the employees. Also top employees can win trips and vacations. Openness is promoted by the leadership at the firm. Managers also arrange weekly meetings with its staff. Leadership is cognizant of instilling a sense of ownership into each employee. Management encourages new ideas from all employees. As a result of this leadership style, management has never encountered any ethical issues at this bank branch.

Through critical analysis of the research data it was determined that changes needed to be implemented within the organization. Employees did not receive the news about the Washington Mutual and Chase merger from their...
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