Leadership and Governance

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Executive Summery

This report highlighted the microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus, who has transformed the third world with his visionary leadership.

Executive Summery2
2.0Success of Grameen Bank4
3.0Analysis of leadership qualities of Mohammad Yunus5
3.1Situational leadership5
3.2 Transformational leadership6
4.0Managing Organizations7
5.0Influencing governance7
6.0 Applying Behavioral leadership8

1.0 Introduction

The concept of leadership is very elusive, and even more it is defining is too difficult. This report tries to put a relation and explain the leadership styles of the Nobel laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus who is the pioneer of microcredit or microfinance and also renowned as the Banker of the poor only in his country Bangladesh but also across the world. He is the founder of Grameen bank, a bank for the poor. He introduces the idea of microcredit as he found the fact that most of the poor at his country only for the collateral issue could not apply for the loans. The Grameen Bank had improved their welfare by providing the credit facilities. After sometimes it has referred as the community bank. The bank is totally different because structurally not traditional. They don’t require any collateral from the client, the group (provides poor individual to become an agent of the Bank) used as a guarantee and turn their poverty into welfare. So the meaning of village appears as the name of the bank. In 2006, Grameen Bank and Prof. Yunus awarded the coveted Nobel Prize of peace for their efforts to create economic and social development. Without a good leadership technique the success could not be achieved. Moreover, he could be entitled for the leader in action for the visibly positive results for his leadership.

2.0 Success of Grameen Bank

In 1983 the bank was first introduced as a microfinance institution. The people with poverty were the main target who was struggling and did not have any tradition of banking. Now at this moment the bank is the main inspiration for the economic and social development of the country Bangladesh. The economic empowering has been successful and 90% of the share owns by the women. [Grameen Bank, 2009]. The success of the bank could be evaluated in comparison with the other bank where it tags the profit by empowering the society. For its low housing program the bank awarded the World Habitat Award in 1988. How a brave leader can develop his community by his leadership, Grameen Bank is the model for that. 3.0 Analysis of leadership qualities of Mohammad Yunus

As a professor of Chittagong University, Bangladesh Muhammad Yunus irritated by the economic theories he was teaching because he could not see the application of it. [Yunus, 2003]. He viewed and empowered the credit for the human rights and makes it available for the poor of the village. It was impossible for them to get access and use and develop this facility for their development. Yunus has some great qualities. Leadership theory of Trait could be explained to analyse and explain these qualities. At a very young stage he was able to be professor of the university and had the intelligence to observe the realistic fact of the village poor and criticize the economic theory. Yunus goes ahead against the government and the banking experts to implement an experimental project which was primarily seen unbelievable and many critics also believe that it would be failed.

4.1 Situational leadership

Situational leadership is greatly shown on the character of Muhammad Yunus. At a time of similar interventions...

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