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{Part One} – The Portfolio
Personal experience –
I had started this course last year in August 2011, during the whole course of leadership , I have learned that leadership is a skill which can be learnt and I would like to thank our professor Sue for giving me an opportunity to learn the leadership. To become a good leader, a leader needs to have a good vision to see a future and as well as look backward and make prepare their team for future challenges. Leaders inspire people to achieve goals and generate new ones and deliveries result where as poor leadership can deliver faliure results as well as demotivate its team. A good leader will always have a desire to learn new things and apply the same for betterment of others hence I have learnt lot of things which have helped me understand how the study of leadership has helped me to grow myself. Journal Entries

Below are reflection of my thoughts and which I have learnt through this course and maintaining a journal has helped me to increase my understanding of the topic. It also has allowed me to voluntarily practice the same. 1. I would like to thank my professor Sue for teaching us the concepts of leadership and helped to apply the same to our daily life. She has been a leader and has always been fair to everyone and treated everyone equally in keeping in mind the cultural sensitivity. She has always supported us, listened to us and have understood our issues showing us a right direction. This kind of her leadership behavior have inspired me and taught me the real meaning of cultural sensitivity and how to behave with other diverse cultural people. 2. As the time passed with the course, I started behaving matured as per the situation around me, like not getting emotionally negative with people. For example an angry customer unhappy with the services walked in to the store. In absence of manager, I handled the query. I listened to the customer and calm him down. Explained him the procedure and told him that I personally follow up the case. I followed it up and called back customer next day with the result. 3. Earlier, I never used to listen to others but with this course I started being decisive like listening to others, being honest, asking others views and opinions and not forcibly putting own views on others. For example I never use to listen to my parents and used to do whatever I feel like doing and not respecting their feelings but now I have started listening to them and take their advice in result they are so happy and proud of me for me behaving so responsible and matured. 4. As the course passed I started reading about different leaders and their leadership style, Mahatma Gandhi also known as “Bapu” the father of nation used situational leadership style, he fought for the right and inspired ordinary man to fight for their freedom. He changed his style of fighting with British according to the situation. His been a role model for me, I understand we need to change as per the situation around us to survive in the ever-changing environment. 5. Another leader I have learnt about is Dhirubhai Ambani, he started his career working in a petrol pump in Aden for almost eight years after that he returned to his home country India and stared his own business. He believed that if a person wants to succeed in something then he should have complete access to information on that topic. He would always grab an opportunity and strike it out. He would never hesitate to copy other idea and implement it in a better way than his competitors. Dhirubhai had a motivated workforce and believes in providing leadership, vision and strategy. He used to think that he doesn’t run his business but his business leaders do it. This kind of transformational leadership inspired me to believe in myself and always keep my goals straight. 6. New system came in store. I was selected for the practice run to operate the system as I am always enthusiastic to learn new things. I also...

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