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Leadership in Management

They are a number of leadership styles. Identify these and examine which ones/s John Terrill used.

In this case study that focus on leadership, leadership is defines as the behaviour of an individual when he or she is directing the activities of a group towards a shared goal. So based on this case study, there are 3 leadership approach that John Terrill use. The leadership approaches are democratic style, motivation, and path- goal theory.

In democratic style, which defines as a leader who tended to involve employees in decision making, delegate authority, encourage participation in deciding work methods and goals and use feedback as an opportunity for coaching employees (Robbins et al. 2006, p. 570).Furthermore in this leadership style it has a positive impact on the workplace climate. The pace-setting leader builds challenging and exciting goals for employees, expecting excellence and often exemplifying it themselves (Stoner, 1982 p. 471). They identify the poor performers and demand more of them to prove whether they are going to be able to pull their weight. If necessary, they will roll up their sleeves and rescue the situation themselves (Sheldrake, 1996 p.76). What this shows in john Terrill approach in democratic style is that he shows responsibility and understanding towards the employees. By showings his democratic leadership towards the employees, employees will feel in control of their own destiny, such as promotion they desire and so are motivated to work hard by more than jus a financial reward.

In the path- goal theory of leadership, this theory describes how the leader influences the employees’ goals and the paths to reach those goals (Robbins et al.2006, p 577). The Path-Goal theory is a useful framework for understanding the effect of a leader’s behaviour on employee satisfaction and morale ( Miner, 1980 p 291). In the case of John Terrill in his approach of leadership, he shows concern towards the employees...
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