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“Informed, thoughtful and
practical… a very fine achievement.”
Yury Boshyk, formerly Professor at
IMI Geneva and IMD Lausanne

Michael Williams

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Michael Williams

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The author

Michael Williams M.Sc. is an international management consultant who established his company, Michael Williams & Partners in 1979 and now works closely with associate companies in Geneva, Vienna and Copenhagen. He is also a director on the Board of British Ceramic Tile, based in Devon, in the UK.

His main clients include leading Business Schools, e.g. IMD at Lausanne and the Theseus Institute, located in Nice, as well as several universities and a wide range of companies and consultancies throughout Europe, Canada and the United States.

He is the author, or co-author, of many books in the fields of leadership, management practice and organizational psychology, including: •

Mastering Leadership

Enabling – Beyond Empowering

Test your Management Skills

The War for Talent

His areas of specialization include senior executive development, the identification of leadership potential, transforming corporate culture and team development, using several unique and exclusive methods.

He draws on over twenty years’ managerial experience in the printing, iron and steel, engineering, automotive and ceramic industries, including roles in manufacturing, sales and marketing, HR and organization development.



Mike is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Institute of Directors and the Association of Management Education & Development. He originally read psychology, with moral philosophy and subsequently took his M.Sc., by research, at The University of Aston, in the fields of influencing management performance and the identification of executive potential.

He served full-time – and subsequently as a volunteer reservist – in the Royal Navy (Intelligence) and the Royal Marines (SBS and Commando). His various roles included – Russian linguist, frogman-canoeist, commando rifle-troop officer and second-in-command of a combined SBS-Commando RMR unit. He draws considerably on these experiences in his approach to leadership development and management...
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