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Leadership Quiz
Chapters 1 – 4

Circle or highlight the correct answers

1.Leadership is defined an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes that reflect their shared purposes.

True or False

2.Leaders of today must maintain strict control of work processes to assure that the organization functions efficiently.

True or False

3.The new paradigm of leadership acknowledges that we live in a world characterized by uncertainty.

True or False

4.Leadership involves all EXCEPT:
|a. |creating change. | |b. |influencing followers. | |c. |maintaining stability. | |d. |shared purpose. |

5.Attempts to achieve teamwork, empowerment, and diversity can succeed only if: |a. |leaders follow the principles and practices of the industrial era. | |b. |managers want to treat people the way they treat machines or the bottom line. | |c. |leaders value change over stability, control, competition, and uniformity. | |d. |leaders hire people who think and work alike. |

6.Leadership vision is:
|a. |a picture of the future. | |b. |a desired future. | |c. |an ambitious view of the future....
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