Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

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The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics on the IACP web page serves the same purpose as the comparable code of ethics for many other public servant agencies. Chiefly and principally I believe they are a set of values that are not just the stated policy of conduct expected of law enforcement officials. They are a set of values that the officers who swear their allegiance to not only abide by but should believe in out of respect for their predecessors as well as their profession. The main points I drew from the code of ethics follow a few general points. Firstly, and most obvious, is the duty of the law enforcement officer is service to the community as well as its safety and improvement. Secondly is duty to the constitution and rights of the ones they protect. This includes not just the innocent or the victims but the perpetrators with an emphasis on liberty, equality, and justice. The third main point I observed is the responsibility of a law enforcement officer to conduct him/herself, both on and off duty, in a respectable manner. Maintained within this are the values of courage, respect, courtesy, and honesty. The fourth main point is embodied throughout the code and that is the respect of the law in an honorable manner as well as cooperation with other law enforcement agencies.

As far as whether or not the personal life of an officer should be included in such a code I believe it should completely. Those who enter into this profession do so voluntarily and should be doing so with the intention of serving in an honorable manner. It is completely fair in the aspect that you are a government employee and therefore represent that organization everyday. Just as with a soldier, a law enforcement officer is not seen as John Doe. If he or she acts maliciously those who pass judgment, the public, see first and foremost a law enforcement officer. When their conduct is unbecoming of an officer the image resonates throughout the organization reflecting negatively on the...
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