Law/421 Week 1

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The Functions and Role of Law in Business, Society, and the Military Law/421

The Functions and Role of Law in Business, Society, and the Military
The functions of law in businesses and society are very particular and these roles and functions can make or break a society or business. Every business, society, and military have to make sure that they follow the laws and that each business, society, and military has a set of laws that they abide by or they could face closure or anarchy. Law in these three entities controls both how they function and the things that they can and cannot do.

Society is a similar subject concerning the ways that laws are implemented and enforced. Just like in a business, society has its laws that everyone must abide by, otherwise people would be considered to be breaking the law and fines and jail time could result. In society these laws are held just as strict as they are in the business world but just because the laws seem to be different they are still there for both society and business and must be followed. Law in society sets out to make sure that the people are safe and that no one is in harm as long as everyone follows the laws. When laws are broken the person who decided to break the law will eventually go to jail/paying a fine or both for what they did and can face time away from society. Laws biggest role in society, business, and the military is to protect individuals from those who have little or no regard for the law. In the end society would be total chaos without laws controlling how they function and what they can and cannot do.

Law exists to control both how businesses run and how society will function. Without laws in business there is no telling how exactly things would operate in the businesses world. Monopolies would try to control how everything operates and that could result in a lack of competitive business. If competitive businesses started to close to such monopolies the monopolies eventually...

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