Last Product Purchased

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Think for a moment about the last product you purchased. What was the product? What is the brand name of the product? How would you describe the customer for this product? What is the product’s closest brand competitor? Explain why you chose this brand rather than the competitor’s brand. How did the marketing for the product influence your purchase?

The last product I purchased was my new car. It is a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu. The customer for this product would be a young adult to middle aged adult. The customer for this car wants a car that is smaller in size but one that also has plenty of room for at least 4 people. The closest brand to this car would be, in my opinion, the Pontiac G8. When I purchased my Malibu I went to test drive the G8. It was a 2011 and had only a few miles on it. It was traded in for a different car because the car was too small for the current owner. I loved the G8 and it was everything I wanted. It was only a couple thousand dollars less than the Malibu and the Malibu was brand new with only 20 miles on it. My husband is the one who really liked the Malibu and talked me into test driving it. Needless to say that is the car I choose. I chose this particular car because with the FREE extended warranty and the rebates on this car it turned out to be a cheaper car than the G8 but also a better car. Honestly the marketing on this car did not influence my opinion at all. I never thought about this specific car until at the dealership that day. When I purchased this car Chevrolet has awesome rebates and interest on their new vehicles. After my purchase I stared seeing, or paying attention, to the commercials on this car and I am positive I made the right decision. If I would have paid attention to the commercials on this car it would have been the car I chose

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