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Marketing 3001 — Mini Project #1
Your Chosen Brand’s Strategic Elements

–Overview –
This is the first of four Mini-Project papers you will write over the course of this semester. Each of the four papers will use the same “Chosen Brand” within one of these categories: 1. iPhone 4 (Smart Phone product)

2. Chipotle (Fast Food restaurant chain)

Select your Chosen Brand from this list of two compiled options and write all four papers on it thus applying your classroom knowledge to an existing market brand.

–Assignment –
After identifying your Chosen Brand, in a paper no longer than 3 pages single-spaced, address the following: MP #1 Assignment

#1 - Identify which consumer needs and wants your Chosen Brand satisfies. Be specific. (2/25 points)

#2 - Explain, using supporting rationale, what your Chosen Brand’s 2 most important points of difference are. (5/25 points)

#3 - Perform a SWOT analysis on your Chosen Brand. Using the grid below, identify at least 2 factors for each SWOT element (e.g. 2 factors for strengths, 2 for weaknesses, 2 for opportunities, 2 for threats (.5 pts per factor) and then explain your rationale for each of these factors. (8/25 points)

#4 - Perform an Environmental Scan on your Chosen Brand product. Using the grid below, identify one current US trend, and then discuss briefly how it could affect (or is currently affecting) your Chosen Brand. (10/25 points)

#5 - -1 Pt. Deduction for Poor Writing Style/Grammar issues

– Formatting–

All assignments must be typed; handwritten assignments will have points deducted. Please use 11-point font, single spaced. Do not turn in an assignment longer than 3 pages. Any material on extra pages will not be considered for grading.

Important: After you have printed off your completed paper, print off a copy of the 1-page Grading Rubric (found on Moodle) and staple it behind your paper. Points will be deducted if this is not done.

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